Who needs you? 3 simple steps to building an effective social network profile


This is perhaps the most important question you need to ask yourself upon joining a social network. You need to know who you are, what you have to offer and what you represent first. Are you a dating agency? Are you a telecoms provider? Are you an artiste? A promoter? A manufacturing company? Whomever you are, you need to define.


You have answered the first question ‘who are you?’ step 2 is just an advancement of step 1. It explains further your image or brand as it were.  If you are a performing artiste. What kind of music do you perform? Soul, Pop, Rock? If you are a dating agency, what kind of services do you exactly provide; blind dates, meetings, counseling? You must define what exactly you have to offer, lay your cards on the table as it were.


Now that we know who you are and we can stream-line what your offer or brand represents, it is time to ask the pertinent question- Who needs you? Yes it is a busy world and there are a lot of other brands, individuals and products who offer the same things that you do. However, there is still space for you to reach people and have a productive and purpose filled relationship.

To get the exact description of those that need you, you need to understand what exactly stands you out from the rest of the crowd. Take for example that you are a dating agency. How do you stand out from the rest? You can do that by streamlining your services to target a certain audience that needs your services. A service catering for over 35 year olds can work and stand you out.

Now it is time to fill your bio or profile. If you are on Twitter, you have a little over 100 words, on other portals like LinkedIn and Facebook, take a little more  and describe exactly  what you offer.

At this point, you know and understand yourself and what you have to offer. You have also been able to define who needs you and why exactly they do. The next step is to know exactly where to find your audience and how to keep them engaged and connected to you. We will discuss this further next time. In the meantime what do you think?

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