Who gives a flip about your flyer?


Going through the hustle in the city of Lagos, I get handed about 2 different flyers a day, seconds later, I squeeze and dump then in a nearby bin, not on the floor. Lol, one day, I took time to analyze how many people actually read these flyers, about 90% are overloaded with work for that day and may not be interested, the remaining 10% may actually need the information and at that particular point the environment is too noisy to place a call, at the end of it all, some lose the flyers. So I ask my SME owners and others that still believe in sharing flyers, is it a waste of money or a waste of money?

Now some are thinking what the alternative is but some already know but have ignored because they don’t believe. With this medium I’m about to tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone. It’s going to give you an advantage over your competitors, It is FREE, measurable and information about what your company offers can be posted and reposted, shared and “liked”, Followed and “favorited”.  This is what I’ve been preaching, online gospel for your business; Social media.

Rather than go in to gibberish that you the reader won’t understand, its better to use an example to illustrate my point.

Tolani makes all sorts of cakes for weddings, birthdays, cupcakes and so on. She shares flyers and complains because she gets one call after 500 flyers. Now, let’s take her on social media. Outlining the top social media sites in Nigeria, we have Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.  Firstly, we open a Facebook Fan Page , fully describing her work, experience and display of photographs of cakes made by her. She goes further by inviting a couple of people through email or suggestions to “Like” the page. Tolani’s first goal is to increase her fan base by engaging her current fans, most times, family and friends. With engaging content like talking about the concept behind every cake and the inspiration, her fans like and reshare, she gains more fans on that platform. She also listens to her fans on their opinions, questions and suggestions.

Tolani opens a twitter, G+ and instagram, using all three mediums to promote her brand by being informative and consistent.

Result of this, Tolani builds a network of over 40,000 people, gets job from these connections.  The question is, with a flyer can you achieve this? Her connections/Fans on social media will always be there and with good management continue to expand.

Fit your Business into this profile. Build a brand. Create connections. Don’t be limited. Embrace social!

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