Reasons to Start Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

You will not find many people who will say that LinkedIn is their favorite social media networking platform. But those who love the platform have a lot to say about it. Today, LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social media networks, among small business entrepreneurs. Even with the emergence of so many social media networks, LinkedIn continues to exist in its own niche. If you have not started using LinkedIn here are several reasons why it’s time for you to begin:

You start showing up on Google pretty fast

Today, everybody searches everything on Google. A business without a Google presence today will fail. If you have just opened a new business, one place to begin pouring your marketing efforts is creating and maintaining a LinkedIn account. Soon after opening your LinkedIn business page, you will start showing up on Google search. Typically, your LinkedIn page will show up just below your website in search results. Your LinkedIn page gives potential clients insights into your business. It gives search engine users some background information on your business. Go ahead and open a LinkedIn account. It might surprise you just how fast your business starts appearing on Google search.

An opportunity to put your best foot forward

Unlike other social media networks, LinkedIn allows you to tell everyone what you want them to know about your business. The platform allows you to customize your message, making it the perfect platform to give your potential customers information about your business – information that would be unavailable on your accounts in other social media networks. LinkedIn gives you the tools necessary to get to your audience. It gives you the tools to showcase your brand in the best way possible.

Build Authority

Every business owner wants to establish credibility. We all want to develop relationships with clients we work with. Entrepreneurs want to be authoritative and gain influence. LinkedIn gives you the capacity to do exactly that. Through this platform, you can position yourself to become an influential brand within the niche of the industry you work in. The platform allows you to make connections with industry leaders. You also get to connect with other brands and groups within the industry. If you have a clear business proposition, this is an excellent opportunity to build your brand authority. As your connections increase, your credibility follows suit. This is an opportunity you cannot get in any other social networking site.

Your online business card

Offline business leaders carry with them business cards. On the web LinkedIn is your online business card. What’s more, it works better than a hard copy of your business card. It gives you direct access to your connections allowing you to connect with them anytime you want. This can be helpful to small businesses that want to connect to big time business executives in a subtle way that does not look like spam and in a manner likely to attract a positive response. Furthermore, every time you recommend them or endorse them, you remind them of your brand. By extension, the notifications they receive when you do this build your brand. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the logistics associated with meeting face to face.

Connect with your next client

The world is a digital village today. Few platforms can give you the time to have a digital platform that LinkedIn does. It is perhaps one of the fastest ways to get your next client. Typically, the people you will find on LinkedIn are looking for jobs, business opportunities, and career help. By immersing yourself a little bit into the platform, you can do some research to understand how to get the next client. You can view the profiles of potential clients and understand their worldview so that you can formulate the best way to approach them with your ideas. Because this information is readily available on LinkedIn, it would serve you well to use it.

Solomon Ndungu

I am a writer, an author, a singer/songwriter a social media & SEO specialist. I am also a member of the International Association of Writers and Editors (IAPWE). I enjoy reading and motivational speaking.