3 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Boost Performance of Your Business

3 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Boost Performance of Your Business

Ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you that creating a business and finding a way to get it off the ground is a great achievement. But soon enough, the entrepreneur realizes that there’s so much more that goes into running a business than the courage to start it. Indeed, most business people cannot master the ability to boost performance or sustain the strength to keep running their business the moment they discover that to grow it they have to keep finding ways to promote it. It is therefore, not a big surprise that most businesses never make it to the end of their first year.

That said, many things have changed; unlike years past when any marketing campaign required you to set aside a vast amount resources, marketers today can use even extremely meagre resources to start promoting their business. This has, in part, been made possible by the emergence of social media. According to an Experian report, 80% of marketers today use social media marketing. Don’t be surprised if a decade from now that percentage moves very close to a hundred. Now that social media is very central to the performance of any business, how can entrepreneurs leverage it to boost performance of their enterprises? Consider the following 3 ways:

Start by defining your target audience

The first year of starting a business is often driven by the excitement of running a business. During this initial time of excitement, most startups post very generic content on social media in their attempts to engage their growing audiences. As a result, they end up creating and sharing content that none of their followers on social media are interested in.  It takes a good number of them quite some time to realize that social media marketing is so much more than just uploading images, videos and captions. To avoid this, you must clearly define who your audience is.

Not everyone who is a social media user will be appropriate for your product or service. A failure to define your target audience will mean that most of your social media efforts will fall on deaf ears, simply because those people who heard your message have zero interest in your brand. From the very start, take your time and learn the habits of the people you’re targeting, including the kind of content they would want to see, as well as how you can transform your products to better meet their needs. Social media websites have data-rich features that you can use to narrow down that target market.

The key to succeeding on social media is engagement

On social media you cannot just publish more posts and hope that by so doing you will increase your engagement. In fact, posting more content on social media could have the opposite effect. Increasing your engagement on social media requires a lot of patience and a willingness to learn through the process. As you grow your audience, you will learn more about it and how to better connect your brand with it. This will allow you to be in a better position to create unique content likely to speak directly to this audience. One great way of doing this is by transforming your brand to become a listening brand that minds every comment, query or complaint that your audience makes on social media. Create unique content that answers pertinent questions from your consumers.

Make your social profiles standout

No one knows just how powerful a social media profile can be than a small-budget entrepreneur. With meagre resources to use to market their product or service, such entrepreneurs are forced to be creative and make the most of what they’ve got. In the process, they soon discover that some of the things that big organizations often neglect can have a great impact on social media growth. Take time to create social profiles that gets a social media user’s attention every time they visit the page. Creating great social profiles also gives you the perfect ammunition to grow organically on these networking platforms. Ensure that every social profile that you have for your business is reflective of your brand. Don’t forget to optimize your bio so that everyone who visits your page can immediately understand what your business is all about, and the kind of products and services they can expect from your enterprise.

Solomon Ndungu

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