Social Recruiting for Beginners

Companies count on many resources to make their businesses grow and thrive. While you may rely on cutting-edge technology or industry-standard practices and techniques, the most important component of your company’s success is the people you work with. The skills and talents that such employees bring to the table cannot be replaced easily and the success of your business depends on making sure you bring in the right people.

Finding the right talent makes a difference between success and mediocrity for your company. Getting the right team together takes time and hard work. Luckily, with social media, your job just got easier.

Using common social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can easily find the person you’re looking for through your friends, friends of your friends, employees, their former co-workers, and others. You’re already part of a network – use it to find the people you need for your team.

Nowadays, looking for the right talent for your organisation can be a daunting task. Potential employees can easily do a ‘Google search’ on your company and have a feel of your company online, which is a likely pointer to the offline work environment.

Honestly, a potential employee can decipher how a company takes its offline image by the way it appears online. Hence, as an organisation, you need to foster a strong online corporate presence and brand to make your company as attractive as possible in your bid to find the talent you need – smart candidates with the valuable and unique skill sets that you require.

You need to make your company the most attractive employer that candidates can find. How will you go about this? Social recruiting can be of great help.

Just as the world has changed the way it communicates and shares information, the methods you use to recruit talent must change as well. You must find ‘new ways’ to find the talent you need.

Social recruiting is the ‘new way’ that you need. You can’t avoid it – social media has inserted itself into every facet of modern life, which means that you must implement a solid social media strategy as part of your talent recruitment process. Simply, social recruiting is the use of social media to identify, pursue, and recruit the best talent possible for your company.

Social recruiting may be a new territory for your company, but many companies have led the way with the adoption and implementation of social recruiting, which can be a pointer to its effectiveness or otherwise. According to LinkedIn’s 2013 Global Recruiting Trends Report, global recruiters agree that social professional networks are the fastest-growing source of quality hires and talent leaders around the globe think social professional networks will shape recruiting in the long term. As a fall out from this, organizations should ensure that they are adequately investing in social and professional networks for the long run.

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