Social Media In: Personal Branding – The Golden Rule

If you are a social media strategist, manager or whatever we are called these days, chances you’ve been asked this question is really high: ‘How does one start using social media?’ It may not come exactly in that format, but it’s always in this line. Perhaps other forms like:

  • What are the things to do on Facebook?
  • How do I get started with twitter?
  • YouTube seems like fun, but anything else aside watching videos?

These and more all point to how people seem to be on the look out for more value in social media. Value such as being at the publishing end of a YouTube video, starting a twitter hash tag that goes viral, hosting a very well attended google+ hangout, being a force to reckon with in the blogosphere, creating one of the go-to forums or Facebook page.

All of these transcend to personal branding on the online space. Yes! That’s the real question most people want to ask: ‘How do I become a social media rockstar?’

Truth is it’s easy, once you come to the realization that it’s the same path one takes to being a rockstar offline. Hence being social online, starts with being social offline.

Some may argue that an individual has the tendency of having two personality – a split between an anti-social offline and a very social online, albeit such a person can choose to be social offline too, applying the same approach to building relationships and networking. Thus the bottom line being be social online as you would be offline.

Perhaps the quest changes to ‘How to become a Rockstar’. This requires different levels of effort, depending on the individual – for some it’s an easy straight forward journey as everybody likes them, while for others it takes a little more time and effort. my ip Nonetheless, the ability to build relationships and networks by any means is key to building one’s social clout. semantic domain data So get busy.

In addition to that, you can call it the cherry on the top, defining your voice to command a particular niche, subject area, issue, etc., makes you a force to reckon with – or mildly phrased, a thought/opinion leader.

So, in summary, if you want to build your personal brand with leverage on social media, then, you have to start linking up with people on different social networks, while you define your voice by what you share and comments you make. It’s really simple. Be social!

Until next time, looking forwards to your questions and comments. If you missed the intro post for the series, you can get it here. Keep asking on what area you’d like to see me address in the ‘Social Media In’ series via email or post with this form

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