Social Media In: Career Building – 5 Ways To Showcase Your Worth

In celebration of the social media week, I thought it best to share one way Social Media can add value in one area that seem to be important to everyone at one time or the other – Career. I often tell people that to every innovation/tool/invention/weapon there are two sides: the abuse of it, and the usefulness of it. Social media is no exemption. So, while some may while away time browsing the internet and spending a huge chunk of the day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all in the name of being social, others are building profiles, and creating priceless networks that would contribute to a successful career.

Social media in career does not have to be boring. It is all about carving your identity that appeals to professionals interested in you as person.

It is almost unanimous to think LinkedIn when the subject of social media in career come up. True, LinkedIn is foremost, even though Facebook seem to be closing up quickly, but the focus here is more about building a profile that is attractive while striking a balance between social and professional. So here are 5 ways to do just that:

  1. Start A (V,B)log: You can consider this to be a landing page that holds your profile, interest, and links to other place you operate like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Don’t worry, maintaining blog doesn’t have to be stressful or considered work. The basic is for you to share what you discover, whether it’s a quote, opinion, reaction, idea, solution, photo, video, and any resource that can benefit others if stumbled upon during discovery. Wondering why I wrote (V,B)log? That’s because nowadays content is consumed in other forms other than text, so if you are the multimedia type of content creator like a Vlogger – video blogger, Photographer – Photo blog, and more, you feel free to try other media.
  2. LinkedIn: Ok, you just got to have a LinkedIn Profile. Recruiters and Talent hunters nowadays start their search from there, especially with the new features introduced such as ‘endorsements‘ and the old ones like ‘recommendations.’ So build a profile, keep it updated, reach out for recommendations and endorsement, create networks by joining groups and sharing valuable resource.
  3. Facebook: Try searching for your name in Google  and it’d give you a sense on how important your Facebook profile is. Mine comes up as #4, after my Blog, Twitter, and Quora profiles. So get your Facebook good enough to give out a social yet professional vibe by what you share, your profile photo, cover photo, and pages you are a fan of.
  4. Twitter: Ever heard the saying – ‘You are what your tweet’? Well, that’s pretty true. You have got series of 140 characters to express yourself via text and web links to resource such as articles, photos, videos, etc. You’ve also got a bio to describe yourself, and then followers and following to show your influence in the twitter-verse  So, watch what you tweet, how much you tweet, and when you tweet. website loading test Remember to be social, yet professional. If you don’t know how to manage both, why not have two twitter accounts? One for your pro-look in the @NameSurname format, and another for your fun-look @Nickname. However, I recommend you just have one and strike a balance between social and professional.
  5. Tagged Content: Photos, Power Point, Infographic: This will require going a step further from being a content consumer to a content creator. You’ve got a chance with this to have an imprint on the web. Create content – Photos, Videos, PowerPoint, Infographic, etc and tagged them while producing. Share these content, and watch people download, re-share: some may go viral, others may not. Some platforms for sharing: SlideShare, YouTube, Vimeo, Scribd, Flickr, etc.
That’s all I’ve got for now. I wish you luck in building that professional profile with the help of social media – yes, it’s just a tool. I am still open to getting what you want me to talk about in the subsequent posts, so feel free to make a request via this form.
Happy Social Media Week!

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