Show, don’t tell: How Smile, Nigeria’s new telco is telling their story

Social media presents a great opportunity for brands to tell their stories. While telling your stories in 140 characters or a full blog post can boost your results, ‘showing’ takes you a step further. Let’s see how.

Few days ago, I came across a new telecommunication company in Nigeria – Smile. As you know, I cannot but bring to Social Meep any social web initiative that crosses my path for the purpose of learning.

So, what did I like about Smile?

According to its website, Smile is the first provider of 4G LTE internet service in Nigeria. So, in order to affirm the solidity of their proposition, a page was dedicated to highlighting the difference between the current 3G offered by most telcos in Nigeria and Smile’s 4GLTE technology. In a country with very few geeks, it is expected that a huge chunk of their potential customers are likely to ask the same question. So, we can say Smile was proactive in providing the answers before the questions come.

What tripped me about the page are not the answers but the way in which Smile decided to answer the question. Instead of using charts, images or texts to describe the differences between their 4G offer and 3G, a video was used.


The video shows two laptop screens, one 4G, the other 3G. When you hit “play”, a video showing an insect begins to stream on the two pages. The first thing you notice is the clarity of the 4G screen. Next to that is the speed, which is the major feature an average internet user in Nigeria is bothered about. The 4G screen streamed the video without buffering while the 3G screen buffered at several points – what most internet users in Nigeria are used to, despite the heavy promises by telcos.

This video shows plainly and directly the superiority of Smile’s 4G LTE offer over what is currently obtainable with other telcos, at least on their site; as they clearly stated that actual speed may vary. Our concern here is not the speed but the awesomeness of the initiative used to pass across their message.

This method adopted by them drives home the message and does affect the psychological state of any potential customer that visits the watches the video, though simulated. Kudos to the brain(s) behind this.

LESSON: What you say is equally important as how you say it. It is not enough to just tell your story, how you tell it matters a lot. This is the difference between brands with successful social brands and those on the other side.

You can view the page here and see for yourself :). Click

**Note: This is not an advertorial, neither is it a paid review of Smile’s 4G offering. As at the time of publishing, there has been no exchange of cash or any kind benefit from/to both parties, though this may happen in the future (however near) as the Social Meep team is open to offers from any brand.

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