Scams you should check before hiring an SEO company

By Sabrina Dasuza

With the growing popularity of SEO services, many self-titled “SEO experts” have entered the field. They are putting clients to a lot of trouble by making unrealistic promises and guarantees. As some of the clients are not familiar with search engine marketing they get trapped easily. It is better to do a small research on SEO Company and understand its working methodology before hiring one. SEO scams are happening every now and then. The best defence mechanism against such issues is better understanding of the field. If you are aware of the pros and cons then it is easy to select an SEO company that can help your business to reach great heights, instead of falling down.

 How to recognize a bad SEO company and related SEO scams?

  • A company offering free trials for a certain period – With the emergence of too many SEO companies, some have started offering free trials before providing actual service. Please do not allow any such companies to access your website. Such companies do not have good intentions.  Everyone is doing business for profit. If anyone offers any service for free, then be cautious! Except water nobody offers anything for free.
  • Offering services at dirt cheap rate –A company that has good reputation in the industry will not offer any service at a very low price. So do not fall prey to cheap rate. If anyone offers services at a very low rate then they will be compromising on quality. As quality is the most important factor in the marketing arena, it is better to check the reputation of the SEO Company before selecting it.
  • Guaranteed high page ranking in 24 hours – Any SEO Company that promises high page ranking for your website without even visiting it will be following negative SEO services. It is better to avoid such companies as guaranteed high page raking offers within a short time will impact your business in a negative way.  Indexing is based on many factors. Any wrong doing will negatively affect your business.
  • Massive search engine submission – An SEO Company that claims to submit work on several hundred search engines is directly hurting the business. Too many submissions on too many search engines at the same time will give an impression of forced marketing efforts. Any type of work that has been done above the expected level or saturation point will not give any good results.  It is better to avoid doing massive search engine submission for a long term result.
  • Knowing the managerial head of Google or any other widely used search engines – There are SEO companies that give facts and figures of their strong relationship with Search engine companies heads. Do not believe in any such false “special relationships”.
  • Companies that do not disclose marketing strategies – Some companies do not come forward to disclose their marketing strategies to clients. If you are going to be kept in dark about what the SEO Company is going to do to improve your business, then it is better to avoid it.

Awareness is the best defence tool against SEO scams.

Sabrina Is an Internet Marketing Expert and wants to share her thoughts with people who do Internet Marketing. She works with SEO RANK SMART, a US based SEO Company providing Link Building Services, SMO Services, Web Design Services and Web Development Services to its clients.

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