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Attract more followers from your target audience with SocialMeep's Artificial Intelligence Targeting algorithms.
Audience Targeting
Define the primary gender of your target audience.
With Location Targeting, your account will target new posts and users who post content using that specific location on Instagram.
With Hashtag Targeting, your account will target users who follow or post content under that specific hashtag on Instagram.
With Username Targeting, your account will target users who follow or interact with content of those usernames on Instagram.
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AI Followers Filter
Our advanced Artificial Intelligence interacts with accounts that have the highest chance of following and engaging with your page based on thousands of data points.
Control and include more types of interactions that SocialMeep performs on behalf of your Instagram account.
Story Views + Reactions
View and React to new Instagram Story's of your target accounts.
Comment Likes
Like a comment left by one of your target accounts.
Video Views
View recent videos of your target accounts.
Post Likes
Like recent posts from your target accounts and their followers.
IGTV Likes + Views
View and Like recent Instagram TV's from your target audience.
Reels Views + Engagement
View and Like recent Instagram Reel's from your target accounts.
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10x Uncapped Growth
No limit to the number of micro-interactions SocialMeep performs for 10x the followers and engagements.
Basic Instagram Insights
Real-Time Analytics
See a live and historical view of your likes, comments, follows, unfollows, enagement and much more.
Growth Activity
View all of the interactions that SocialMeep performs on your account.
Audience Demographics
Rich insights into the location and gender of your Instagram audience.
Follower Source
See the top referral sources to your Instagram page.
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24/7 Priority Support
Accelerated Growth
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Personalized Strategy
Expert support relating to any SocialMeep tool or feature.
Expert Recommendations
Our Instagram experts team is available 24/7 to assist you with your growth journey.
Priority Access
Your inquiries are prioritized in our queue for immediate response.
Dedicated Senior Level Expert
Get In-Depth support with help from your dedicated senior level specialist.
Access Partner Offers
Get exclusive discounts from dozens of our partners.
Instagram Bot Replacement
Known as the best Instagram bot, a well-planned growth strategy is the best way to increase your followers organically.
SocialMeep Event Invites
Free tickets to special SocialMeep events and webinars on the latest Instagram tricks, tools and growth tactics.
Beta Feature Access
Early access to beta features.
Instagram Report
Reports included
Est Budget
Cost Efficiency
Audience analysis
Age and Gender
Quality Audience
Posts analysis
Post Reach
Video/Image Distribution
Highest Rich
Highest Er
Most liked
Most commented
Influencers Analysis
Influencers Analysis by category
Influencers Analysis by audience size
Influencer Audience Quality Score
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is SocialMeep?

SocialMeep is a tool that automatically grows your followers, engagements, and likes on Instagram using organic automation.

How does SocialMeep work?

Getting started with SocialMeep takes just 60-seconds. After connecting your Instagram account, you’ll be able to customize your audience and configure your growth settings (Hashtags, location, gender, age, and more). SocialMeep will automatically grow your followers through organic micro-interactions.

Is SocialMeep safe?

SocialMeep is fully compliant with Instagram’s terms of services. All of your data is encrypted and hashed, we don’t see or store your password.

How many followers will I get on SocialMeep?

Your follower growth on SocialMeep depends on numerous factors such as niche, page quality, content and more. On average, SocialMeep members gain over 4,500 targeted followers each month.

What’s the difference between Basic and Pro?

Both plans offer real, organic Instagram growth. The Pro plan gives you access to custom growth hacks with SocialMeep Cloud and faster growth. Additionally, Pro comes with priority 24/7 support.

Will SocialMeep work for my industry?

Yes, SocialMeep will work for any industry! Regardless of your account's category or industry, SocialMeep uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize and label each account on multiple data points. That way, your account will only attract organic followers from your specific niche, instead of irrelevant users. SocialMeep is used and loved by thousands of leading influencers, creators, brands, and businesses. SocialMeep works in every industry and niche - if you want to build an engaged audience on Instagram, SocialMeep is for you.

What is the refund policy?

Your billing begins immediately after upgrading your account. If you are not satisfied with the service, contact our support and we’ll help you solve your issue or process a refund.

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