Obvious but Powerful Marketing Secrets That You Should Be Using For Your Business

Obvious but Powerful Marketing Secrets That You Should Be Using For Your Business

In today’s marketplace everyone markets on the internet. This is why marketing secrets are important now more than ever: because we are far from that time when it was easy to survive and thrive without having a presence online. Today it’s extremely important to be active on the internet and find ways to make sales online. Whether by design or by default everybody does internet marketing. Therefore, it makes sense to want to do your web marketing campaigns in an organized, well-planned manner. Consider the following subtle but extremely effective marketing secrets that entrepreneurs can market their businesses on the web:

Joining and participating in message boards

This tactic has been working for years. Even in the early years of the internet this tactic worked wonders. It still does to this day. The idea is to join an online forum or message board and answer pertinent questions that people have in your niche. Presenting yourself as an authority in these message boards will make people interested in you and your business.  Any business-savvy individual realizes that participating in message boards and forums in your industry is extremely important in getting people to know about your business and the products and services it offers.

From the get-go, seek to establish yourself as a knowledgeable expert in your industry, and when offering advice, include links to your website where people can learn more about your products as they get the information they are looking for. If you think about it, even those business owners who have not realized it yet are benefiting from internet marketing by sharing their knowledge with the participants on these online message boards.

Solicit feedback from your online customers

You are probably already using this tactic and by so doing advertising your business on the web. It is quite obvious to most business owners that soliciting feedback from consumers is important. By understanding what your customers think of your products and services, you can improve them.

For online businesses, it is quite easy to get feedback from your customers: you can ask them to comment with theirmarketing secrets thoughts on social media or use a certain hashtag to talk about your products and services, or via online survey forms. While the purpose for this would be to get certain information about a product or service, at the end of the day, it also serves as a tactic for internet marketing.

Create a responsive website for your business

While social media has made it possible to start a business without having to create your own website, it is still important to have a business website. By the simple step of creating a website, you are already on your way to marketing your products online. Indeed, just having a website on the web is a marketing tactic. Your website is likely to be found by curious internet users surfing the web for ideas on all kinds of projects.

Your decision to promote your website may not be deliberate, but just by creating a website you put yourself out there. And who knows who may come across your website? Therefore, creating a website for your business can be referred to as passive marketing. There is no reason why you should not use this tactic as one of your internet marketing tools for your business.

When creating content use keywords relevant to your business and industry

Keywords existed even before anyone used them in search engine optimization (SEO). SEO only made the whole process deliberate and calculated. Whenever you start a website, there are certain words that make sense to your business and industry. Using these words in your content is a marketing tactic. Without knowing, you will be optimizing your website for search engines like Google. You may not understand the idea of keyword density and such other SEO terms, but just by using certain words for your site, you make it more visible online.

The truth is, everyone uses certain words to talk about their business and their products. This natural or logical use of words will help your business stand out on the web. You should therefore not be too surprised if you find that search engines have found your website based on certain keywords that you used in your content on your website even without being deliberate about it. This is, after all, where most businesses begin before they get involved in SEO and the complexity of it all.

Solomon Ndungu

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