Many shades of Social Media Marketing


Social Media transcends mere marketing. It goes way beyond Tweeting and posting to Facebook in addition to some other activities used to complement the social efforts of companies and individuals alike.

For instance, what skills should we look out for while hiring a social media manager. Tweeting skills? Definitely not.

Social Media marketers need to have a strong undertanding of brand management. Without it, it’s almost impossible for brands to survive in this eConomy. An understanding of brand management helps you take the right shots in maintaining a positive online brand reputation.What do you do during eWars? Brand Management teaches you that.

Marketing is just an aspect of socila media. Truth is there are companies who are not looking forward to sell anything online. They just want to increase talk-ability and mentain an online reputation that is synonymous to their offline presence.

This game is not all about converting leads. It’s ALL encompassing. It’s got many shades

An understanding of this is the difference between great social media strategists and the ones on the other side :)

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