Make Your Company More Social Over the Next 12 Months

A new year means a number of different opportunities for your small business. The question is, will you take advantage of them?

As many small businesses fight for the attention of customers in order to get a positive revenue stream in place over the next 12 months, there are a number of ways to go about securing your place in the hearts and minds of customers.

From promoting your business through traditional advertising, using social media, giving out items with your company name and logo on it to using your staff to spread the word, keep some of these ideas in mind in 2013:

1. Place emphasis on social media: If 2012 saw you giving minimal or no effort towards social media, by all means change that over the next 12 months. While some CEOs do not see the value in social media because they feel they cannot see a clear return on investment (ROI), others actively engage in it. If you have had little action with your company’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other SM pages, change that quickly. Take to your social media pages and provide relevant information to both present and potential customers, engage with them to answer questions and help them with issues, and see what is being said about you and your business around the social media world. Look to your social media venues as critical facets of your daily company regimen, bringing more value to your business;

2. Never turn down a chance to promote: While social media is key, promoting your small business through simple things like office calendars, photo albums, mugs, license plates, shirts, hats, pens, etc. is a no brainer. If you are afraid that such promotions will cost you excess money, keep in mind that there are savings out there when you buy such products in bulk, use things like a blurb discount code, and offering trade-offs with suppliers who you will in turn promote along with your business  When you get your company’s name and logo out there in front of consumers, you increase your chances of bringing more business to your front door. Such items should readily be made available when you attend trade shows, conferences, community events and more;

3. Promote through your employees: Even though your workers have enough to do on a daily basis, having them promote the company almost never hurts. They can do such things as spread the word through their family and friends, along with assisting you in social media promotions (if you choose this route, make sure they know your company’s policy toward social media). When trying to save money on your advertising/marketing/promotional budgets, turn to your workers to help spread the word;

4. Review and analyze: Finally, any promotional efforts you do must be recorded and analyzed. The goal here is to see what works, what doesn’t work, and where your time and money are going. Even things as simple as social media need to be reviewed. Are you using the right social platforms? Are you visiting them too infrequently to the point where you do not build up a regular following? Do you come across as a spammer by constantly tweeting and sharing? Always look at what you do and how it is likely being perceived by the average consumer.

With 12 months for you to accomplish some of your goals, will you find your company being more social in 2013?

By Dave Thomas for Social Media Today

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