Kick-ass content: The biggest critical success factor for bloggers

Recently, the campaign about everyone setting up a blog has gotten hotter. Really, not that it’s bad in itself; it’s only that many people get into the blogosphere with dreams of overnight success and an aim to cash out big time without minimal efforts. This was the basis of a one hour plus discussion last Friday between I and one of my clients.

His need was simple, he wants high traffic to his blog; not just that, he wants ad-clicking traffic. He requested that I explain how Google adsense works and also get it working on his site. Then I told him it’s pointless to get adsense working when you barely get less than 10 visitors on your site. The focus shifted to traffic. First things first, you’ll say.

So, I started ‘lecturing’ him about the importance of great unique contents on his blog. After few minutes of explanation, he seems not to get the whole gist of a great content, so I asked him a very simple question – “Why should people visit your website”? That was the killer question. He had no solid answer to that question…revealing the major reason for his failure.

This is one of the major reasons why people fail in the blogosphere. Installing WordPress or any other blogging platform is the simplest part of blogging. The real sh*t lies in churning out unique content on a consistent basis. And for that to happen, the main reason for the blog has to be defined. See it as a value proposition. As simple as the question is, you will be shocked at the number of bloggers that have no answer to it.

As a blogger, no one owes you a single visit to your blog. The acceptance of this fact should push you to do your assignment on how to get constant traffic. As a newbie blogger, about 90% of your traffic will come from organic sources (i.e. search engines etc), it is your duty to retain them. If they visit the first time and see no concrete reason why they should make a repeat visit, you may NEVER have them back. Every hit is another opportunity to win the heart of a wondering visitors, and it can only be won with a value-adding content. People only move to a place where they perceive value. If your blog falls short of that, I’m sorry, you’ll never get it.

At SocialMeep, we are yet to win the kind of traffic we’re aiming but we have watched our average daily traffic increase overtime. We’ve seen how people flood in on certain days based on the type of post(s) we publish. I make bold to say that it all started with a mission – a mission to be the one-stop destination for all things social media. Helping businesses and individuals get the social media advantage in their endeavours. Almost every single visitor I know have testified to the kind of value they get on every visit. Dear blogger, what are your visitors saying about your blog? Pause, ponder and re-strategize.

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