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It was great getting an invitation from Oluwatobi Soyombo to contribute to this platform – Social Meep. First I love the name and next, I loved the content I met on this platform. These were practical and easy to apply ‘call to actions’. So I decided to join the team of contributors to share my 2 cents in the area of social media and its application in various fields, sphere in life, sectors, and scenarios.

My name is Alex Emre Dada, and I’ve got a dual nationality of Nigerian and Turkish. Having lived in Nigeria for the early years of my life, I relocated to Turkey for tertiary education, but was fortunate to meet a whole lot of Nigerians. I especially met Nubi Kayode at the university and we started a social media outlet as far back as 2007. He’s a great guy and I have seen some of his posts here on Social Meep – so unfortunate he won’t be contributing any further here but on the Social Media channel at OTEKBITS.

Nonetheless, he’s the reason I’m here as he recommended me to Oluwatobi, who gladly accepted me. Enough of the story; time to give you an idea of what I’d be sharing on this platform.

First, it’s great to be back in Nigeria, especially with the new trends and grounds in the tech space. Lots of Startups going from alpha, to beta, to companies, brands getting open to the idea of an online presence, SMEs getting listed on online archives, launching blogs, and opening social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. These are really interesting times. Social gaming is gone from myth to reality with a few names like Maliyo, Kuluya, and Danfo; and even though it seems Nigeria is playing catch up, it’s moving really fast, especially with tech flattening the global space.

I will be sharing how social media (can, should not, may, must not) be applied to various setups including: workplace operations, branding,

More so, I will be sharing how social media (can, should not, may, must not) be applied to various setups including: workplace operations, branding, education, religion, corporate organziation, event management, politics, elections, crisis management, protest, online presence management, online reputation management….What else? Anything you may think of and know of. In fact, I’m open to you asking me how youn can leverage on social media, irrespective of your interest, activities, and business.

That’s why I have created this [highlight]form[/highlight]. Simply fill it and I’d be sure to address it either via email or post on Social Meep. Once again I’m excited to be here – you can consider this my introductory post: who I am, what I do, and what I’d be bringing on to this platform. Till my next post, which could be an answer to your question, fill the [highlight]form [/highlight]here and like I always say, the first rule of social media is being social.

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