[INFOGRAPHIC] The Social Media Compliant Job Seeker

The use of social media in recruiting employees is on the rise and job seekers need to join the flow. Are you using social media for your job search? If the answer is no, you should consider it. Almost 90% of employers surveyed by a Jobvite survey were using or plan to begin using social media for recruiting. So as a job seeker, now is definitely the time to embrace social media in your job search.

Jobvite put together the infographic below titled “The Social Job Seeker” filled with facts from it’s Social Job Seeker survey. The infographic can be very useful to any job seeker that wants to be social media compliant. So have a good read :-)

Here are some highlights:

  1. 54% of social media users have used Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter in their hunt for work in the last year.
  2. Four out of 10 job seekers are “super social” and have 150+ contacts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. 28% of super socials found their last job through a social network (56% through LinkedIn, 45% through Twitter, 85% through Facebook).
  3. Super social job seekers have much better luck than other job seekers. 45% of super social job seekers connected with a recruiter on LinkedIn, compared to only 9% of all job seekers. 48% of super social job seekers looked for jobs on Twitter, compared to only 11% of all job seekers.

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