[INFOGRAPHIC] How Social Tools Are Used in the Workplace

The ways in which people connect and the speed with which they communicate is faster than ever before. Social communication is nothing new on the personal level, with the sharing of news, images and status updates. It’s how people keep up with each other’s lives.

On the enterprise level, businesses have to be agile to keep up with the competition. And since communicating and sharing information with people is fundamental to the success of any business, many enterprises are taking measures to employ tools that can provide that extra edge.

Microsoft wanted to find out more about the uses — or lack of use — of social tools in business. What social tools were most common, what tools were restricted and how far would people go to get their hands on those tools? These are just a few of the questions Microsoft asked in a major global survey — and the results from nearly 10,000 respondents may surprise you.

About Microsoft Global Survey Report: The survey report was based on data from a poll conducted between March 25 and April 24, 2013. For the survey, an international sample of 9,908 information workers (defined as those employed at a company with at least 100 employees who use a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone for at least 75% of their job function) in 32 countries was interviewed online.

The survey findings is illustrated in the infographic below. Happy reading :-)

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