How To Use Facebook To Get Hired

Today’s post is a guest post by Khristina Allen (read author’s bio at the end of the post).

LinkedIn is already well known for its effectiveness at getting your resume out in the open to be visible to headhunters. But not so well known is the fact that Facebook can also be pretty effective at the same endeavor. Let’s take a look at how you can use Facebook to get employment.


1. Facebook’s Network: Facebook may not be the most formal or professional network to get in touch with head hunters, it is however, the largest. With that in mind you can take advantage of the vastness of the Facebook network if you take the right steps. It is already a known fact that everybody is on Facebook, even the people who have the power to give you employment. You can find out who they are and through a simple search on Facebook you will be able to get at least a little bit of information about them. You might even have mutual friends whom you can then ask to refer you. Play around with the capabilities of Facebook’s network and you might just hit the right note!

2. Facebook Groups: There are countless groups out there that you can join and be active in. Quite similar to LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups can be a portal for you to land a job in the industry that you want. Join in discussions and make as much friends as you can, never mind that it is only through the internet that you got acquainted. Once you know a couple of people in the industry, you are once again a step closer to getting a referral for a job in that market.

3. Facebook Ads: Creating a campaign to advertise yourself on Facebook is really easy. Just create an ad page and attach a link leading to your bio. Your ad does not have to be of grandeur heights, just make it simple but make sure that the information you attach will attract headhunters. Setting up the target demographics for your ads is critical; it may just be the determining factor of whether or not your ad will be a success. So think about it thoroughly, you want the right people to be able to see your ad, at the same time you want to minimize or filter out irrelevant people, so be really specific. You also want to keep your ad expenses at about a dollar max. You never know, you might just land your dream job through Facebook! If not, well the important thing is you expanded your network and visibility.

4. Facebook Job Search Apps: There are tons of Facebook applications that are designed to help Job seekers find employment. Take time to look into these and participate in those that look to help you find a job in your desired industry. Join them all if you must. Remember, the more you throw yourself out there, the more likely it is that you will get noticed.

Facebook is not about to overtake LinkedIn any time soon as far as job searching is concerned. Admittedly though, we all spend more time actively updating our Facebook statuses than we do on LinkedIn. So instead of just completely being unproductive on a social media network built for personal entertainment, why not be productive and use Facebook to advance your opportunities, right?

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