How To Set-Up A LinkedIn Profile – Part 2

As the need for hard-copy CVs are fading off, a LinkedIn professional profile is gradually replacing hard-copy CVs. LinkedIn is becoming a data-rich talent pool for professionals and now is the best time to be on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is becoming a data-rich talent pool for professionals and now is the best time to be on LinkedIn. While setting up your LinkedIn profile, the first step on the road to success is creating a well-optimized LinkedIn professional profile.

In the first part of the “How To Set-Up A LinkedIn Professional Profile” series, I outlined how to sign-up for your FREE LinkedIn account and I believe you have done so already, If not do so here… Now that your profile is set up, what’s next? Read on to know…

1. LinkedIn Profile Name and Photo: Your LinkedIn profile name will by default be the full name you used to sign-up for your LinkedIn account. But, the profile photo is usually left blank and you would need to upload an appropriate photo. Point of note here is that this is NOT Facebook, so your LinkedIn professional profile MUST have a ‘professional photo’.

To upload a photo on your LinkedIn profile, do the following: Log in to your LinkedIn account and click on ‘Edit Profile’ under the Profile menu option. Then click Edit next to the appropriate areas you want to modify.


For picture upload, you click ‘add a photo’, follow the prompt till ‘save photo’ and ‘save settings’.

Before you click ‘save settings’, you are expected to decided who gets to see your profile photo on LinkedIn. It is advised to click ‘everyone’ since you would need the online visibility that a LinkedIn profile affords you. After this, you are done with your LinkedIn profile photo.

2. LinkedIn Professional Headline: Your LinkedIn professional headline is the line of description that follows under your name on LinkedIn (check the first picture above). Your LinkedIn professional headline is critical as it’s the only customizable personal information people will see of you on LinkedIn and online searches for your name. When you appear in search results for instance, your name, location and headline will be the three visible bits. Your LinkedIn professional headline by default is set to your current job as entered in your work experience. Most times, your current job doesn’t capture you as a professional and you can edit your LinkedIn headline. To do so, do the following: while logged-in to your LinkedIn account, click on ‘Edit Profile’ under the Profile menu option. Then click ‘Edit’ near your name display and you would be taken to a new screen shown below. Edit your ‘professional headline’ and click ‘save changes’.

 3. LinkedIn Public Profile URL: Your LinkedIn public profile URL is more like your LinkedIn personalized domain name for your profile. It will allow your profile to appear as as opposed to the default public url.  LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to customize your public URL. To do so click  on ‘edit’ below the profile name display as illustrated below:

Then click ‘customize your public profile URL’ on the right-hand side of the screen, put your full name written together. If your full name has been taken, you can use your initials and your surname. Finish the process by clicking ‘set custom URL’.

These are the basics part of your LinkedIn professional profile. Other sections of your LinkedIn profile are your work experience, summary, applications etc. In order to help you fill these other sections, think making the online version of your CV.

I believe this post has been useful for you so far. Watch this space in the days ahead for more insights on LinkedIn professional profiles.

Till next time, we are all work in progress…

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