How to have the ears of your site visitors

Whether you already have an online audience or anticipated online audience; I can predict what you want for your content. Among other things, you want your articles, blog posts to get the attention ofyour readers at all times. Here are 5 tips to help you draw the ears of your readers close to your mouth:

  1. Offer Value: Why will anyone want to visit your blog if it is of no value to them? If at first they stumble on it, may be during a Google search, what will make them re-visit is the value they derive from visiting the first time. Treat each of your posts as if you will never have another chance to prove the worth of your blog; and that’s exactly the truth. What do you think will be most helpful to your readers in the post you’re drafting. Offer Value! You can go ahead to break the remaining rules below once you obey this to the letter :) Did I just say that?
  2. Be conversational: Never write an article as if you are soliloquizing. Imagine how standing on the podium of a 1000 capacity hall and talking to yourself will look like. Sure, your audience will either dose off or bury their head in their hand-held devices. The same applies to your online content. Alw

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