How to create Twitter lists in 5 simple steps

What is a Twitter List? Find out this and more now.

A Twitter list is a list of Twitter user names. Each Twitter user is allowed to create up to 20 of these lists on Twitter.

The purpose of Twitter lists is to help guide your conversations and organize the way you follow tweets or conversations.

A Twitter list lets you categorize interesting Twitter users into groups.

When you click on the list name, a timeline of tweets appears with all of the tweets from people you’ve included in that list.

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The maximum number of characters in a list name is 25, and list names cannot start with a number.

Each list is allowed to have up to 500 people on it. Each Twitter user is allowed to create up to 20 lists on Twitter.

You can choose to make your Twitter lists public or private.

Some people create public Twitter lists to help other folks find interesting people to follow.

Others keep their lists private as their main purpose in creating lists is simply to read tweets in a more organized fashion.

Enough Said! Just create your own list using the steps shown below:

  1. Click on any person’s Twitter username shown in your tweet timeline
  2. You will see the person’s icon with a little down arrow next to the “Follow” or “Following” button.
  3. Click the down arrow beside the shadowy person icon, and a drop-down menu will appear.
  4. Click “Add or Remove from Lists” and a popup will display all of your Twitter lists by name.
  5. Select the one you want to add the person to or click “Create a list” at the very bottom of the box.

We hope you found this interesting. Have a list filled day.

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