How Social Is Your Employer Brand?

With the growing trend of social recruiting in Corporate Nigeria, in the world of marketing there is a tendency for seeing the world in terms of brands. A corporate brand is a “name, term, design, symbol, or combination of these elements, intended to identify and differentiate a product/service offering in the minds of its customers or clients”.

When you recognise a company logo or hear a familiar ad jingle, it instantly brings to mind a brand that usually holds some meaning for you. For decades, traditional marketing departments have been creating campaigns to connect you to their brands. And they obviously have been doing a good job!

Worthy of note is that a strong corporate brand or consumer brand does have an effect on an employer being termed ‘an employer of choice’. Let’s quickly consider Interbrand’s annual list of ‘Best Global Brands’.

Going by the 2012 Ranking, the topmost five brands on the Interbrand’s Top 100 Brands have the following brand values:– Coca Cola, $77.8bn; Apple, $76.5bn; IBM $75.5bn; Google $69.7bn and Microsoft $57.8bn.

There is no gain-saying that this outstanding brand performance has a strong effect on the organisation’s human resources   – top brands attract top candidates, instil a sense of pride in current employees, and motivate them to deliver outstanding work. For these companies, their Employer Brand benefits directly from the strength of their consumer brand.

Meanwhile, the lines between recruiting and marketing have continued to blur. The adoption of some recruiting strategies more commonly seen in marketing departments has become standard practice in many organisations. At the centre of these efforts is employer branding     – a term that has been in usage for about 20 years, and that has recently become one of the hottest concerns for talent acquisition leaders.

All companies have an employment brand. Few, however, recognise the importance of deliberately and systematically shaping their employment brand    – the perception of the unique employment they provide.

The concept of an employment brand is the way your organisation’s prospective applicants, candidates, and employees perceive you as an employer. It includes the sum of a company’s efforts to communicate to existing and prospective staff what makes it a desirable place to work.

 A strong employer brand can have an impact on whether or not potential candidates are interested in working for your organisation.

A recent LinkedIn research (conducted by LinkedIn’s Hiring Solutions Insights team) shows that employer branding investment is worth every penny. The research was conducted about a year ago where 7,250 LinkedIn members worldwide were surveyed and the key research findings are highlighted as follows below:

A strong overall company brand certainly helps with attracting talent. The more potential employees know about your brand, the more likely they are to be aware of your organisation as an employer. And if their impression of your company brand is positive, they are quite likely to think of your organisation as a good place to work.

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