Get more retweets with exclamation marks!

A new report by Dan Zarella of HubSpot shows the impact of adding exclamation marks to your tweets. The report is a result of the examination of over 2million tweets sent by accounts with a minimum of 1,000 followers. It weighs the result gotten by adding exclamation marks to tweets as well as the impact of tweeting without exclamation points.

Accoding to Dan’s report, adding an exclamation mark to tweets has a negative impact on click-throughs but positive impact on getting retweets. Tweets that contain exclamation marks are more likely to be retweeted than getting click through.

Tweets with exclamation points got more retweets-per-follower, but fewer clicks-per-follower.

So, what does this mean to social media managers?

You may want to pause to ask yourself what you really want before sending that tweet. Retweets or click-throughs? While click-throughs may be the natural answer for an average social media manager, it is important to also weigh the benefits of retweets. Retweets are crucial in spreading your message on Twitter. On the other hand, click-throughs are important in increasing your downlines, sales etc. So, you want to pause for a while before adding exclamation marks to your tweets.

Like I’ll always say, it pays to study your followers (audience) and adopt a strategy they are most likely to respond to.

See for yourself:

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