Establishing an effective social media presence beyond the big two

One of the myths of social media is the popular believe that social media is that “social media is Facebook and Twitter.Too myopic view! Social Media is actually bigger than Facebook and Twitter. A key element of any social media strategy is a critical analysis of the audience. This is important as it helps you know who you’re trying to reach out to and where they can be found. If your analysis reveals that most of your target audience do not have a Facebook profile, what’s the point of spending 90% of your time and effort on Facebook?

As it is, Social Media is deeply inspired by information technology. Seeing it as that helps you quickly make the shift and stop being over dependent on the two most popular social platforms. For Nigerian business owners, your potential customers might actually be more active on 2Go and Eskimi than they are on Facebook and Twitter. If so, go for them there, emm even nairaland.

It might be creating a presence for yourself on Forums and industry sites dedicated to the target audience you’re trying to reach. Case in point, if you’re trying to reach out to doctors and you discovered that most of them do not have an active presence on Facebook than they do on medical forums. It’ll be a great idea to get yourself wherever they are. In the same vein doctors trying out to reach out to potential clients may also want to join medical/health forums and establish a presence for themselves there.

So, should you really ditch Facebook and Twitter? Of course not! The point is making your campaigns more effective by narrowing your focus and concentrating on avenues where your potential customers have an active presence.

A good social media strategy is one aimed at taking the message where the potential leads are.

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