How Should Your Display Banner Look?

Banners generate attention. On the web, display banners are worth everything in the lifetime of campaign. A bad banner design can kill your campaign.

If your banner ad is worth putting up at all, then it’s worth whatever it’ll cost you to get a great design. These days, getting a designer to put his creativity together for a banner doesn’t cost a fortune. After spending time in planning a campaign and money to back it up, it will only take a little extra effort in ensuring your campaign gets a banner that’s synonymous to its end value.

Listen, no one visits a website/blog to read an ad. This is why you have to ensure that your ads get their attention. A poor design will do no good. Not at all. Too many texts on a 300×250 banner will be visually unappealing to your audience. Remember, their attention is not yours right.

Distorted images and blurry images will have no place in the eyes of your audience. You can’t be promoting that luxury product with  a poorly designed banner. Get a professional to give you a banner your product or campaign deserves.

I’ll leave you with the below. Which one catches your attention the most. I leave you to draw your conclusions

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