Coming to SocialMeep: The #AdoptATweep series

Few hours after our launch, we got into a discussion with @AdoptATweep to start a column on your one stop destination for Social Media content.  If you’re a Nigerian and active on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, chances are that you’ve heard about #AdoptATweep or the series of events they’ve organized. Here’s one of the testimonials from of one of the attendees of their recent program. With feedback like this, we are confident in the value @AdoptATweep brings to the table :).

The #AdoptATweep series creates awareness on Twitter-preneurship concept. They’ll be providing  Weekly tips on twitter growth. So, expect massive awareness on the concept of Twitter-preneurship powered by @AdoptATweep.

The column will be published every Monday. Thanks to the @AdoptATweep team for their cooperation.

We hope to bring more contributors on board in the days ahead. Do not hesitate to drop a comment if you have suggestions for us as regards contributors. Also, feel free to contactus@socialmeep[dot]com should you want a private discussion with us.

Let’s deliver the #AdoptATweep series straight into your inbox. Input your email below:


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