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How does Combin work?

Combin used to be one of the leading Instagram bots that generated great results for its users. However, since Instagram's algorithm changes, Combin has stopped working.

Combin either gets you a handful of inactive followers or doesn't do anything at all. This is where SocialMeep steps in. SocialMeep helps you build an audience of engaged and active Instagram Followers. More likes, engagement, overall growth, and sales.

With Combin

  • Cross IconYou have to install unsafe software
  • Cross IconHigh chance of getting blocked
  • Cross IconKnowledge of Proxies, VPNs, and Networking
  • Cross IconCombin doesn't work most of the time

With SocialMeep

  • Check IconAdvanced Follower Targeting
  • Check IconAI-Powered Growth Engine
  • Check Icon10X Organic Follower Growth
  • Check IconGuaranteed Growth

What is SocialMeep?

Unlike other Instagram automation tools, SocialMeep focuses on delivering the best growth results for their users. See why SocialMeep is the best Combin alternative for your Instagram account.

There are numerous reasons why Combin is not the best fit for your Instagram page. If you're this far along, here are some reasons why SocialMeep is the best option for organic and fast Instagram growth.

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Why use SocialMeep
for Instagram Growth?

Combin's got some exciting features and tries to solve the same problems as SocialMeep. However, the difference is SocialMeep is the safest and most efficient way of growing your Instagram followers organically. SocialMeep has much more powerful features and world-class support.

The stats don’t lie.

SocialMeep is the #1 rated Instagram Growth platform for good reason. It’s packed with powerful features to level up your Instagram page. Services like Combin simply don’t compare when it comes to generating real results.

From $49/month

AI-Powered Organic Instagram Growth

  • white checkmark icon99.9% Uptime Growth
  • white checkmark icon14-Day Growth Guarantee
  • white checkmark icon129% Faster Growth
  • white checkmark iconDozens of Targeting Filters
  • white checkmark iconWorld-Class Support
  • white checkmark iconMaximum Growth Speed
  • white checkmark iconReal, Organic Followers
  • white checkmark iconEndless Powerful Features
  • white checkmark iconSafest Instagram Growth Service


From $29/month
  • Little to No Growth
  • Minimal Features
  • Manual Software Installation
  • Required Proxy Setup
  • No Gender Targeting
  • No Growth Guarantee
  • Speed Limit
  • Account Blocks and Bans

SocialMeep is trusted and used by industry-leaders for Instagram Growth.

SocialMeep is easy.

Getting setup with SocialMeep takes just a few minutes.

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Connect your Instagram

Add the IG account that you want to grow with SocialMeep.

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Setup Targeting

Add specific hashtags, gender, location and more.

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Get Real Results

Watch your account Grow, real followers, likes, and views.

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SocialMeep is the Best Rated Instagram Growth Service in 2020

Combin can’t do what we can..

SocialMeep is the first in the industry to introduce tailored account management for less than $3 per day. That is just part of the reason why SocialMeep is the best Combin alternative you can find.