Two lies a social media strategist told me about Twitter

Recently, I attended a program for media entrepreneurs. Expectedly, it was a blast except for the utterances of one social media guy who spoke. He made few statements that almost pushed me to snatch the microphone from him and push him off the stage. Ah! If I had done that, I won’t be writing this post now. The angel in me held me.

First, I want you to get it straight. The fact that someone has “xxxxxx” number of followers on twitter does not make him a social media mogul or whatever title he or she gives himself. It goes way beyond that. If not, all those porn handles will also be social media strategists.

Now, to lies:

  1. People don’t click links: How big of a lie can this be? I manage several blogs including mine and those of my clients and the highest traffic source on all is Twitter. So, the question is, how did that happen if people don’t click links on Twitter? In a recent survey (can’t remember which exactly), respondents stated that they now use Twitter as a replacement for RSS feeds. So, if you own a blogger or website, you gotta be tweeting those links and turn a deaf ear to statements like this.
  2. Evening tweets are pure waste of time: Pure lie sir! Wrong! Generally (especially when you already have followers), there is no such thing as the “right time” to tweet. It all depends on your followers. Analyze your followers and target audience. When do they tweet or ReTweet the most? Thankfully, there are now several applications you can use for this. You can use SocialBro. And then, after knowing the time most of your followers tweet, you don’t want to avoid tweeting at other times. Your followers have the right to launch their twitter apps at any time of the day and you want to ensure they don’t miss your tweets. In response to this lie, I’ll say a handful of the twitter accounts I know (or manage) receive tons of tweets in the evening as well.

No matter what anyone tells you about social media, do what gets you the most results per time.