The official twitter client, TweetDeck, today got updated. According to the official TweetDeck blog, the upgrade cuts across all supported platforms including web, Chrome, Mac and Windows.

This update makes TweetDeck easier to use with design enhancements, personalization options and the addition of several frequently-requested features.

Below are the changes we noticed in the new tweetdeck:

  • New Theme: One of the most noticeable changes in the new TweetDeck is a change in the colour theme. The default black theme has been modified, becoming a little lighter than the previous. Not just, a new theme is now available in the dashboard. The new lighter skin “offers dark text on a light background.” Now, users can “instantly” swap between both themes by clicking on a button located right beside the Tweetdeck logo on the upper left corner. 
  • Font: TweetDeck now allows users customize their font size in the settings pane. This new addition offers merely three options to choose from – Small (13pt), Medium (14pt) or Large (15pt) font sizes.

To get the new TweetDeck, simply re-launch your tweetdeck and you’ll be prompted to update.

What do you think about the new Tweetdeck?