Online, where you can’t get attention as easily as you can with traditional advertising, where result or return on investment is over a really long term. How do I explain this which seems like a myth to some brand managers, marketing directors and CEOs. This is hard for mass marketers, marketers who are used to making average stuff for average people and promoting heavily in media where they can buy guaranteed attention. And so, we see organizations buying likes and page views, pushing for popovers and all sorts of new ways to interrupt online.

I call for the rise of smart advertisers, the ones that can see the rise in the use of smartphones, tablets and phablets and how to use it to a Brand’s advantage. I do not speak of only digital advertising and social media but how to invent new ways to interact with the consumers. The ones who would leave the comfort zone of Facebook and Twitter to build a 100% Brand controlled community. The assignment is clear, make something people would want to watch or click and even share

Where do you fall under, a smart Advertiser or just a regular Brand Manager?  Because money can’t really buy attention anymore.