Some have hundred of followers, others in their thousands and a few others already influencing millions across the globe. These influencers are leading charity causes, acting as a voice to a critical mass and at the same time acting as indirect digital marketers for brands.

Influencers are not necessarily stars offline. In fact they may not be known by the neighbours next door; but when it comes to the social web, they can perform magic. They’ve got thousands of followers. Their opinions get Re-tweeted by tens and hundreds of followers. You don’t want to believe the number of likes they get on Facebook. Their blog receive good traffic. You see them engaging their audience every now and then. Their opinions about certain phenomenon are held highly and almost regarded as final. They are the digital influencers. They influence the digitally connected consumer.

People hate to be sold to especially by a marketer.  On the other hand, consumers are generally willing to cough out a portion of their disposable income on products recommended or promoted by their influencers. It’s the new psychology behind consumer behaviour. The reactions of consumers in recent time have proved this trend to be true. We can only expect a huge increase in this type of marketing.

Consumers tend to trust their peers and influencers more than they trust companies. After-all  which company has a negative review of its products?

Therefore, the social business of today should look for influencers, especially those who already love their products to jack up their social media lead generation activities. Ask influencers to use your product and write a review of it. If positive, you can take it further by asking for an endorsement. Have influencers post their experience with your product (positive). A tweet chat or a Google+ hangout won’t be a bad idea as well.

Ah, emm…there is no free drink here. Nothing is free, not even in free town. The services of these digital influencers come at a fee. You want the best for your brand, so paying the bill shouldn’t be a problem. After all, it’s cheaper than traditional marketing and generates far more results too.In 2013, I see a magical increase in the activities of digital influencers in this corner of the earth. The smart business (from this perspective) is one who accepts this social truth and acts promptly. Will you?