Though still at infancy, social media has suffered from several self proclaimed “expert” in this field. Whether it is articles like “5 things you must do about your social media presence” or “10 guaranteed ways to engage your customers via social media” and all sorts of articles or even books out there – most of these have one thing in common, generalizations. This shouldn’t be an issue, right?

See, social media is not chemical science where you’re sure to get certain results (reaction) everywhere, anywhere, anytime after mixing certain quantities of chemicals together. Nah. Any business that deals with people (not things) cannot be so predicted.

Several rules, do this, don’t do this…blah blah blah. Wrong! I’ve watched certain brands break a handful of those rules and still became successful on social media. I make bold to say that social media is a “game” of doing what works for your brand. For instance, I’ve read several reports that claim that evening tweets are not effective, yet ALL the accounts I oversee to get good results with evening tweets. There are several other rules I have personally broken and I’ve seen the results roll out like magic.

In this context, I’ll like to say that there is no rule on social media, except the ones you make for yourself. Study your audience and ensure you’re engaging them and achieving results. The process can never be pre-defined. Plan your strategies right, if you don’t get the desired results, re-strategize. I bet this is one of the constantly changing faculties of every business.

At the end of the day, do what works for you. For my Nigerian brands, if tweeting humorously in pidgin English gets you more result, go ahead, so long it doesn’t go against your values. Many things work here. Not one thing is guaranteed to work for all. Everyone can only write about what works for them, or at least what they’ve seen work for others. Either ways, it doesn’t mean they will work for you. Just be social.

As Jay bear would say “focus on being social and not how to do social media”