I am certain that you must have heard about the Moscow Rules or probably seen some merchandise of sort bearing the inscription. This is an informal name for some set of rules said to have been developed during the Cold War to be used by spies and others working in Moscow. Two unique features of these rules are the simplicity and the common sense it depicts.

The short list as shown in the International Spy Museum summarized them in just 10 rules:

  • Assume nothing.
  • Never go against your gut.
  • Everyone is potentially under opposition control.
  • Don’t look back; you are never completely alone.
  • Go with the flow, blend in.
  • Vary your pattern and stay within your cover.
  • Lull them into a sense of complacency.
  • Don’t harass the opposition.
  • Pick the time and place for action.
  • Keep your options open.

The way and manner by which you brand yourself or your organization on any of the Social Media platforms is known as Social Media Marketing.

Let us now focus on one rule at a time and draw the similarities and hopefully the simplicity and common sense inherent in the rule will effortlessly be utilized in the quest of efficient and effective Social Media Marketing.

 We will work with the first five rules ONLY!

  • Assume nothing: In Social media marketing, do not assume that folks will naturally wish to connect and identify with your brand. You have the responsibility to subtly and continuously guide them to becoming acquainted with your brand.
  • Never go against your gut: In Randy Olson’s “four organs” model, the gut is ones intuition and humor, and as such plays a huge role in decision-making. Most times, if something does not feel right, then it is just because it is not right. In pushing your brand to the consciousness of your prospects and clients, your intuition should play a huge role on what you should push out their and what you should not.
  • In social media marketing, your mission is to brand yourself positively.Everyone is potentially under opposition control: In social media marketing, your mission is to brand yourself positively. Often time, this could be tricky as you may encounter criticism of some sort. Fact is that majority of these criticism may just be plain malicious. The good news is that when handled adequately you may find out that there is solution to the favela that is inherent in the favela itself.
  • Don’t look back; you are never completely alone: The exact opposite of looking back is looking forward. In your social media marketing quest, always be forward oriented. Ensure to be up to date with newer and better technology that is constantly evolving. Learn and unlearn where necessary. You are never completely alone in this. You may not need to reinvent the wheel. There abound loads of online resources that you may just embrace and adapt to your situation.

Go with the flow, blend in: This is where closely monitoring your competitors comes into play. What are their experiences are their lessons to learn or advantages that you can adapt into your brand? What are they trying to do, and what are the challenges they currently face? These can give you loads of ideas on how you can blend in.