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3 Reasons Why Corporate Nigeria Need To Embrace Social Recruiting

Social Recruiting is NOT a completely new concept in the global Human Resources space but in Nigeria it may be NEW!

Social media has become an indispensable tool for companies leveraging it to generate sales, increase brand awareness and build communities around their brands. It offers companies a way to connect and engage with consumers, but that’s not all.

Today, staffing and corporate recruiters are now leveraging social media to post job vacancies and recruit (attract, source, engage and hire) talent, but it’s still new for a lot of organizations (corporate Nigeria inclusive). Is there any real reason why Social Recruiting must be embraced by Corporate Nigeria? To answer this simple question, the following 3 reasons would suffice:

Reason 1: Social Recruiting is the future of Recruiting – According to the JOBVITE 2012 Social Recruiting survey results, “Social media has quickly become a dominant force for companies to find and hire quality talent. Because it allows employers to tap extended networks for candidates that would not be found otherwise, social recruiting offers tremendous value to companies of all sizes. It has become an essential avenue for recruiters to successfully compete in the war for talent.” It is worthy of note that most of the beneficiary of Social Recruiting today are mainly Europe and the United States. Hence, the need for Africa or at best Nigeria to join the trend. Read my earlier post here.

Reason 2: The Nigerian ‘Social Population’ speaks for itself. As at the time of writing this post – there are over 152 Million LinkedIn members, with Africa having over 5 Million LinkedIn members and Nigeria with over 840 Thousand LinkedIn members; Facebook users crossed the 1 Billion mark few days ago, with Nigeria accounting for 5 Million of this number as at June 2012; there are over 140 Million active users on Twitter, with Nigeria been the third tweeting nation in Africa (by a survey carried out by a Kenya-based agency, read it here).  These figures are huge and must be harnessed via Social Recruiting.

Reason 3: Social Recruiting is efficient and cost-effective compared to traditional recruiting approach. So you know joining most social networking sites (like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) is FREE. Once employers and job seekers join social networking sites, the opportunity to assess talent communities become available. Overall, social recruiting strategies enable more effective networking between candidates and employers, and they provide effective engagement opportunities to attract and retain both passive and active job seekers at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional techniques. We would explore this area in the days ahead.

Till next time, we are all work in progress…

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