Social recruiting is becoming a better alternative for recruiters/hiring managers in winning the war for talent today. As we all know by now, social recruiting has come of age in recruiting and it is changing the traditional ways of recruiting.

Social media has become a new battleground in the war for talent. Companies that don’t play at all risk being left behind – but who’s leading the pack? This infographic from Recruit Loop has all the answers you desire.

Infographic Takeaways

  1. Facebook has the biggest talent pool, with 1.06 billion active monthly users, whereas Twitter has 500 million and LinkedIn has 200 million.
  2. 89% of recruiters have made a hire through LinkedIn.
  3. Google is the most desirable company to work with in 2013, and has one of the biggest Twitter followings too.
  4. Defence Jobs Australia is the YouTube company career channel with the most amount of views – over 5 million. 

There are other tools available – such as Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ – each with millions of users.