Compliments of the season to you all and I believe you are having a great holiday as I am trying to do here. I even had to break my ‘blogging break’ to do this post 

Year 2012 has been an interesting Social Recruiting blogging journey for me personally and SocialMeep.Com gave me a voice professionally. 

In simple terms, Social Recruiting is the effective use of Social Media & Social Networks by employers to attract, source, engage with and hire candidates. It is a relatively new concept which HR professionals in most parts of the world are using to support their recruitment efforts. I must add that Social Recruiting is not a completely new idea in the global HR space but in Nigeria it may be NEW!

Quoting a recent Hubspot.Com publication, 2012 has been a year of change in social media. From Facebook buying Instagram to the Twitter and LinkedIn break-up, we have seen many updates and changes to the social media world that we never saw coming.

Why would anyone bother about changes happening in the social media world when we are talking about social recruiting here. The reason is crystal clear – there cannot be anything called social recruiting if social media doesn’t exist. Get the gist?

Looking back at 2012, we have considered a few useful post on social recruiting and you can still check all of the posts here (if you missed them).

With 2013 only days away, this is the time to start thinking about how to incorporate social recruiting into your job search (as a job seeker) and recruitment efforts (as a recruiter/hiring manager).

If I were to look into a crystal ball to see what 2013 has in stock for social recruiting, then I would say – the rave of social media and social recruiting would continue to be on the rise, I see more buy-in’s into the concept as well. Also, let me add it’s going to be a big year if you embrace social recruiting today!

Till next year 2013 , we are all work in progress…