This got us dancing. Social Media Week? In Lagos? Yes. So, we saw it. In fact, we even accept that we’re late to this one. The next edition of this global event is scheduled to the hold on the 18th –  22nd of February 2013 and it won’t pass Lagos by this time. Isn’t is also exciting that this will be the first time this event will be coming to Africa? Well, hear from the horses mouth in the press release below:

In the 52 years since Nigeria gained its independence from Britain, it has gone through a cultural revolution, emerging as the epicenter of business, art, and technology for the African continent. With over 93 million mobile phone subscribers, Nigeria boasts the highest number of internet users on the continent and ranks 10th in the world! Today, Nigerians use social media to share their lives, engage with one another, and make connections around the world. Social media not only gives Nigerians a global platform to share, but it also helps everyday citizens rediscover and reengage with their local communities.

February 2013 will mark the first time Social Media Week has visited an African country. In barely four years, this dynamic global event has traveled to 26 cities from Shanghai to Chicago providing invaluable opportunities to examine the economic, social, and cultural impact of social media.  The week (February 18-22) is dedicated to promoting local culture and industries to an international audience. It is with great pride that we say welcome to Lagos, Nigeria!

With a population of over 20 million, Lagos is the largest Black city in the world. And as the most populous city in Nigeria, Lagos serves as the hub for fast-moving creative industries.

“Social Media Week Lagos provides an exciting opportunity for engagement, new conversations about how business, government, culture, sports, and the entertainment industries use social media to impact our daily lives,” says SMW Lagos Chair Obi Asika. “We look forward to welcoming the world to Social Media Week Lagos.”

Attendees can expect a wealth of insight on topics ranging from mobile app development for agricultural communities to the prevalence and importance of social media in the government sector.

“By programming keynotes and panels that look at how Africans – Nigerians in particular – are incorporating social media in their unique social, political, and creative landscapes, Social Media Week Lagos will explore just how important being connected to the world is for 21st century Africans,” says Ngozi Odita, executive producer of Social Media Week Lagos.

With such a sizable and diverse population, Africa should not be overlooked as a hub of innovation. It’s our mission and pleasure to help explore the contributions Africans have made to the industry and the impact social media has made on them.

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Join us in welcoming Social Media Week to Lagos.