I run a small business in Lagos. I have read quite a number of articles about the importance of social media in this era. However, what is not clear to me is whether I should hire a social media staff, a social media agency or just do everything myself. I will like your insights about these options. Thank you


Hey There,

Congratulations first of all for taking a step to running a business in Lagos, and even considering exploiting social media, as many business are yet to understand any value for using social media tools for increasing reach, engagement and in turn sales. Social media can become a leveler especially for small business, so congratulations again.

That said, it is common place to ask the question – who best to handle social media management for my business – and you seem to have listed out the options:

1. Hire a social media manager

2. Outsource to a social media agency

3. Manage it for yourself

However, it is going to be more tricky giving you an answer as there is no one correct answer, and it boils down to what your business needs, where your business is, and an overall marketing strategy. You did say you run a small business so you may just consider an hybrid between the first and third option.

It is always good if you are very much involved with your social media management, and even though time is always almost the problem, the more you get involved at the start the more habitual it becomes – remember social media is same as you would get social offline – meet people, engage with those interested in you (in this case product or service), but this time online.

Albeit, business can be so good that you really have to handsoff, then hire a social media manager but try to work with him or her as you want to be consistent in terms of communication and marketing strategy, including tone, call-to-actions, and conversion mechanism.

Let’s face it. Doing social media marketing the effective way is quite hectic. It is not only about posting, but also engaging – from simple things like replying comments, mails, and twitter mentions – to the not-so-simple things like setting and following up on web alert, and then reporting and analytic. So if you want do it right, you probably want to hire someone, but if you are not still sure, then ask yourself these questions.

Perhaps one day your small business becomes big and you want to outsource social media management, then you should know these 5 Real Reasons To Hire A Social Media Management.

Till next time, I hope these information helps.

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