Have you ever wondered why some posts get more likes n Facebook? Or why some tweets get more retweeted than others? Why are some articles more popular than others?

Well, it’s very simple and that’s the point of this short piece.


If it can’t be shared, it’s useless. Something that isn’t shared isn’t worth anything. Trust me on that. So, before typing your next blog post, or composing your next tweet, ask yourself “is this a type of content my follower/friends/fans will love to share?”. Too  many times, we often forget that our businesses are actually about human beings. This makes us fill their timelines with several sales pitches all in a bid to get the money out of their pockets. Experience have proved this to be a poor marketing strategy. This is the difference between great marketers and the ones just trying to get their bills paid.

Humans are social by nature – deal with that. If your content does not touch that “human” part of them, forget it. This is the reason why tragedies go viral in minutes across social platforms. It’s the same reason why good news about issues also go viral. Be it President Obama’s re-election or Boko Haram’s blasts. These are stuffs people can relate it and want to share with the circle; or even host conversations around. Social media itself thrives on shareability.

As you draft your next post, tweet etc, remember humans are going to read (and not just Google bots). What kind of content will you share? If you were in the position of your readers, will you share such?

What gets shared, has the potential to go viral. Nothing goes viral without getting shared. When your content gets shared, it opens up more reach than your efforts can drive directly. At the end, this means more money, more traffic, more followers, likes OR more of whatever you want.

Shareability to everything