Recruiting is all about building relationships and finding the right people.  Social networks provide a ‘perfect’ meeting point for relationships to be started and built. Hence, Social Recruiting come to the rescue!

Recruiting is all about building relationships and finding the right people. Social networking sites (most especially LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) have made the job of recruiting easier.

Social media platforms provide a ready-pool of potential candidates/employees communicating with each other; all recruiters and hiring managers has to do is join the conversation and recruit. On the other side, job-seekers need to use social media platforms to their advantage by enhancing their visibility to recruiters and hiring managers. Its so simple right? So the bigger question to ask is how possible would this be? My answer, please read on…

I believe, you are all familiar with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as social media networks. But most of us may not be aware of how they can be used as a recruiting tool. You would find the quick overview below insightful:

LinkedIn: I usually describe LinkedIn as ‘Facebook for professionals’. Funny definition right? Yes, its intentional so you know how to connect the dot on why join another social network when I have a Facebook account. If you are a professional and you want to be known for what you are good at, then you need a LinkedIn profile today.  Being on LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to access over 175 million professionals who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities. LinkedIn allows recruiters and hiring managers to target passive candidates (those not currently searching for a new position), post jobs, interact through LinkedIn Groups and allows employers to leverage their already-existing personal and professional networks through its platform. Recruiters spend most of their time here sourcing for talents. Why not have a LinkedIn profile so you can be found easily!

Facebook: Facebook is unarguably the world’s largest social networking site today. Few days ago, Facebook users crossed the 1 billion mark! Simply put, Facebook help connect people with friends and others who work, study, and live around them. Facebook is really the definition of social as you can share ‘almost’ everything on it. I know, I don’t need to say much on Facebook as many of you can actually lecture me on Facebook. On Facebook, an employer can have a personal presence and a professional fan page. Recruiting can occur through traditional postings on their company fan page, or through more innovative methods such as using Facebook Ads to target desired candidates. Although Facebook is thought of primarily as a personal networking site, many recruiters and hiring managers are leveraging its wide reach and large audience for influencing potential candidates.

Twitter: Twitter, to many, is a ‘hard-nut to crack’, they just don’t get it. In simple term, twitter ‘forces’ you to learn how to communicate and share insightful ideas in tweets, which are no more than 140 characters. Actually, twitter is the ‘simplest’ of the social networks.  Twitter gives recruiters and hiring managers a platform to interact with a variety of candidates through short, personal messages. It also helps them get to know other recruiters and employers and share resources and information with one another. With Twitter’s 140-character messaging, recruiters and employers can promote job openings to their followers and target the message accordingly. Twitter’s hashtags (#), lists, direct messaging (DMs), and search features make it a valuable tool for finding and interacting with candidates.

This is just the beginning of our exploration of the concept of Social Recruiting together. So stay on this space for more in the days ahead.

Till next time, we are all work in progress…