So you are fresh out of university, NYSC is behind you and the JOB search starts. Or maybe you are looking to change jobs, social media can be useful in finding your first or next job.

Social Media shouldn’t replace your normal Job Searching Strategies but should complement them

Note: Social Media shouldn’t replace your normal Job Searching Strategies but should complement them. The more effort you put in on all fronts, the better.

I am an example of how Social Media can help you find a Job. Right from when I was still in the University I have been working and every job I have had till date has been because of SOCIAL MEDIA and I have worked for some great companies.

How did it happen? It always starts with being spotted on a social media site and someone refers me and I go for an interview and BAM! I get the job. Now for everybody it doesn’t always happen like that. For me I think my blog which I have had since 2003 put me out there, it showed my creativity and highlighted my capabilities and people saw potentials.

I’ve gotten internships, freelance writing jobs, Social Media Marketing Jobs and even my current job all through SOCIAL MEDIA. So yes it is possible!!!!

So how can social Media Help in your Job Search? Here are a few tips

  • Be On It: Make sure you are active on the three main social media platforms that will help your Job Search i.e Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.  LinkedIn especially.
    •  Linkedin: This site is very popular with employers and recruiters. Think of Linkedin as the facebook for professionals. Keep your Linkedin profile as professional and as up to date as possible.  Some employers will do a LinkedIn search on potential candidates.  Make sure that when employers find you , your profile is up to date and your professional accomplishments are on display.
    • Facebook: With Facebook  it is important to also try and keep your account professional. Facebook also enables you to read up on an organization that particularly interests you, see how they interact with people, learn what’s important to them. Also apps on facebook like Branchout (a professional networking site) can help you expand your career network to include absolutely everyone you know on Facebook. With branchout you can
  • Find out where your friends work, this can come in handy
  • Also you can find connections at top companies (Connect with the people who can get you results)
  • Post jobs to the BranchOut network
  • Post jobs to your Facebook Page

Find out more about Branchout HERE

  • Twitter:  This is useful in building relationships, talk about things you know and interests you. Be a thought leader in a particular field. Follow organizations you are interested in, follow the right people- (Influencers, Thought leaders) to name a few. Certain opportunities or chats might spring up that will help you display your knowledge about a certain field, enough for the right people to notice you. Share Job vacancy info you come across with your followers and they’ll return the favour.
  • Do your Research: So you have  clinched an interview with a company. Using Linkedin or google search you can find out who you might be meeting, also  learn about the company through their social media accounts and website. It will  allow you come prepared and will give you an edge over other interviewers. Companies like it when they know you have done your homework, you have been reading up about them. You can also search for past employees who might be able to give insights that will prove useful for your interview. Finding someone can be as easy as tweeting ‘ Please do you know anyone who used to work at so and so company’ who knows you just might get a response and someone who is willing to share some insights with you. Tweet it, put it up on Facebook, send blackberry broadcasts, someone is bound to know someone who works at the company.
  • Keep tabs on Job Search Sites Twitter & Facebook Accounts: An easy way to always be informed about available jobs is to follow the Facebook and Twitter accounts of JOB SEARCH SITES. That way you get real-time information about available jobs and you can apply quickly.

Below are some twitter accounts you should be following and facebook pages you should like

Blogs: Connect with people who share similar interests as you. Blog about your ideas, blog about what you know. What you do and ideas you have that can improve or solve problems in a certain field. Interact with other bloggers, who knows a reader of yours might just be impressed about your insight in a particular field and might know someone who is willing to hire someone with your drive, knowledge and passion. So get blogging.