So, you’ve always wanted to own a blog but you’ve been limited by that one reason why many others have refused to start blogging -TIME. Time, Time Time!

Of course, I agree that time constitute a crucial factor in all of our activities. We’re usually too quick to say “Hey, I don’t have time for that”; yet we get involved in several avoidable time-wasting activities daily.What gets prioritised gets done faster. You will always have time for the things you rank high on your list. The best way to have time for blogging is to simply make it a priority. So, let’s see how expert bloggers draft their posts within 15 – 60 minutes. YES, 15 minutes!


As a blogger, you will need to master the art of thinking over your posts on the move before you get on the keyboard. Here’s the catch, decide on what you want to write on. Think about it while having your bath in the morning (that’s killing two birds with one stone). Think about it as you dress up …and so on. The idea is to keep rehearsing your posts (the introduction, body and end) till you are ready to get your hands on the keyboard. As you keep thinking, you’ll keep forming your opinions and the things you want to make in your post. Try this method and see the magic in it for yourself!


Now, your post is well thought on. This is actually supposed to be done as you think through your post. As a blogger (or writer of any kind), you should hardly move about without a writing pad or a note taking app on your gadget of choice. Remember, the faintest pen is sharper than the sharpest memory. Don’t assume you’ll remember when you get on the keyboard. The idea here is to write down those words that drop in your mind, quotes, possible titles and the likes. This helps you save time while drafting your post.


Now, you’re finally ready to draft your post, all you’ll have to do is put your jottings and previous thoughts together in sentences. Just keep writing everything that comes to your mind. This is how many popular bloggers today draft their posts within 15 – 60 minutes. It works like charm.