Today, more companies are gradually accepting to get social. However, many of these companies have decided to change the meaning of getting social. This is what it means to many companies: Open a Facebook page, Create an account on twitter; Post a few updates within one week on both platforms and Leave it dead.

Funny thing is the CEOs of these companies sometimes get out a press release for creating a Facebook account. Some others go ahead to include it in the end of the year report. Yet, these profiles remain dead.

Before drafting this post, I perused the profiles of some of these big companies. Dead! Dead! Dead! If you’re a manager reading this or you work in one of those companies with dead profiles, here are three ways to get your profiles back alive:

  • Outsource: Since, tweeting and posting on Facebook is a pain in the ass for bosses, a good option will be to entrust that responsibility to a reputable social media agency. They’ll help with online PRs and establish an effective social media presence for you. While this does not come free, the rewards cannot be over-emphasized.
  • Hire an Intern: There are now numerous communications undergraduates looking for companies for their industrial attachment, get one of them to manage your social media profiles. There are even graduates who are passionate about social media and are desperately looking for companies to learn (as an unpaid intern). Hire one of these people and guide them in the management of your profiles. As social media transcends just tweeting endlessly, these people can perform critical analysis and supply you with social data that can make your company more effective in serving your customers. They can also help respond to complaints from your followers/fans.
  • Schedule up front: Your company doesn’t consider social media a good idea to spend your marketing budget on? At the same time you don’t consider hiring an intern a good idea? Then you’ve got to get your hands dirty. To make it easy, most of these social media platforms have schedule features (or third party apps). Schedule updates over a long period of time when you’re less busy and let the app do the rest for you at needed times. At least, it’s better than leaving the profiles dead. The downside of scheduling is there’s usually no-one respond to customer’s queries especially those generated from a particular update.