This presentation titled, How to Use Google Plus and Pinterest for Recruiting, was delivered by Andy Headworth, Sirona Consulting at the Social Media in Recruitment Conference on 11th July 2013 (#SMIR13). It covers why you should be looking at Google Plus as a recruiting tool, how to get started with Google Plus for recruiting and also why you should be looking at Pinterest for recruiting.

Google plus has moved on greatly, has it is now the second largest social network after Facebook. There are many doubters for Google Plus – citing lack of people using it, lack of engagement and, well, the fact that it is Google behind it!!

Just consider this >> Google is the largest search engine by far. Google owns the second largest search engine – You Tube. And Google owns the second largest social network – Google Plus.

Now think again – is it something you really want to ignore?

Some key points to consider:

  1. Google Plus is absolutely HUGE for SEO (search engine optimisation)
  2. You can create your own targeted talent pools (circles) quickly and easily for free
  3. You can send content to these targeted talent pools
  4. Many candidates have full profiles with all their contact details on (!!!)
  5. You can create and build fully tailored communities
  6. You have a video conferencing platform for ten people for free – and

If you are still considering if Google plus is a great tool for recruiting, then check out the presentation below before you make you decision. Happy reading.