HootSuite, a social media management system for brand management with system’s user interface that takes the form of a dashboard, and supports social network integrations, recently released a white paper titled “8 Tips for Social Business”. Below is an excerpt from the white paper:

Social is now a pivotal point for business transactions. It’s no longer new and is mature beyond the point of being an enjoyable way to pass the time or play games. Social media is, however, young enough that best practices for social business are still being carved out – the standard for enterprise integration of social media has yet to drawn.

The future of business engagement on all levels, whether it be from a sales, HR, customer service or marketing standpoint, is inherently social. It’s where your customers dwell and is now the first language of the next generation of customers and employees alike.

Your business is becoming social, and understanding how is the key to success. This paper outlines the path to success in eight simple steps that you can use to implement and evaluate social within your various teams and departments.

Understanding Social Business

What is social business, exactly? At the simplest level, social business is when any organization engages with an audience either internal or external, maybe both, using one or many social platforms. This principle applies to businesses of all manner, including boutique fashion designers using Twitter to let eager bloggers and shoppers know that next season’s pieces are en route to retail outlets. Or maybe you’re a globally distributed corporation using multiple social platforms to prospect for sales leads, amplify your corporate culture to support HR, and allow teams to collaborate inter-departmentally, across time zones and diverse cultures. Both examples could be described, reasonably, as practicing social business albeit they occupy positions on either end of a spectrum we define as the Social Maturity Model.

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