Social media engagement is a concept that is being embraced by many Social media marketing professionals today. According to James Meyer (owner of Net Profits Media), ‘social media marketing success is based almost entirely on how well you engage your customers’.

Defining successful social media engagement can be incredibly difficult. We all want to see some kind of return on our time, energy and efforts online, although many of us have different definitions of what constitutes a beneficial result from social media marketing.

MarketingProfs and Spredfast, a company known for providing social business software for social media management, released an eBook titled “5 Key Steps To Social Media Engagement” were it was able to highlight their views on the main key steps to be adopted in achieving a successful social media engagement.

They said the top 5 key steps are:

#1 – Planning

#2 – Listening

#3 – Communicating

#4 – Measuring and Responding

#5 – Testing and Improvement

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