Entrepreneurs and small business owners often ask me how to make their businesses more social. While there are several ways to kick start your social journey, your website is definitely a good place to start. Your website is your first point of call for your customers and potential leads, therefore, if your website is not social enough, chances are that your social results will be limited. Today, we consider 3 ways to make your website more “social-centric”.

  1. Add social sharing buttons: Social sharing buttons are the buttons that allow your visitors share the contents on your website. Without social sharing buttons, it will be difficult for your visitors to share your pages, offers, blog posts etc directly from your website. Truth is your site visitors will mostly likely ignore sharing your pages if they can’t find a button that allows them do it with one click. I recommend placing your social sharing buttons either above each content (page, post etc) or below. You may also place it sideways or use any of the floating sharing buttons available. This depends largely on the overall layout of your website. Just ensure you place it where it can be easily noticed by your visitors.
  2. Social Profiles: These are buttons or widgets that link people to your social media profiles. If your visitors like the content of your website, chances are that they’ll want to go beyond sharing it, they may be interested in following you or liking your Facebook page. So, make it easy for them by having links to your social profiles. As a matter of fact, placing links leading to your profiles may not be enough. I recommend using the like button for Facebook as a widget so people can like your Facebook page directly from your website within a very short time. In the same fashion, instead of just linking to your Twitter profile, get the official Twitter button that allows your visitors follow you directly without leaving your website.
  3. Social Splash page: This is a tricky one and many often discourage it. However, since we installed it on SocialMeep, for instance, our following and likes increased by 50% within  a short time. This is the small dialogue box that pops up once you load a website. Instead of displaying some other messages, install the types that allows first-time visitors like your page, follow you on Twitter etc. This is a fast way to increase your following and likes and it sends a message to your visitors that “hey, we’re on Twitter, Facebook etc, so follow us…”

These are just three ways to make your site a little more social. If you’re hiring a developer, ensure he or she implements these based on the general orientation of the site. **Replace website with blog in case that is what you have. The same tactics apply.