Social media has come to stay, at least, by all indications so far. And it is fast changing our ways of life, as well as how businesses are conducted. The field of human resources is not left out in this ‘subtle change’; where recruiting talents (or say quality employees) has completely gone social with social recruiting. As we take this discussion a notch higher today, I plan to introduce to you the concept of building a highly social employer brand.

Employer branding is like marketing for your corporate culture. When you hear the name of a particular brand, say GTBank you immediately create a perception of the services they offer – financial services known for innovation, service delivery …You can fill in the space. Same hold for a brand like Blackberry. The key point of any brand is customer perception, more of the brand experience.

An employer brand (or company brand) is the way an organisation’s prospective applicants, candidates, and employees perceive it as an employer. It includes the sum of a company’s efforts to communicate to existing and prospective staff, what makes it a desirable place to work. Your employer brand entails the sets of employment-related messaging being pushed to the labour market to attract potential employees – saying come work for us!

The term ‘employer brand’ was first used in the early 1990′s to denote an organisation’s reputation. According to Minchington (2005), employer brand is the image of your company as a ‘great place to work’ while, employer branding or employment branding is the process of creating this image!

In today’s competition for top talent – ‘war for talent’, your reputation as an employer is a key factor in whether a candidate will take your job – or leave it. Potential employees would want to know – Is my new employer a good place to work? What do I stand to gain if I’m employed? Each of these questions is answered by your employer/employment brand!

Every organisation has an employer/employment brand, even if they haven’t developed it consciously. Every employee and ex-employee  has something to say about their employment experience and they often take to social networking sites to air their experience for all that care to know. These shares of employment experiences add to your employer brand either positively or otherwise.

Your employer brand isn’t just what’s on your corporate career page. It’s what people find when they Google your company. What do candidates find when they Google your company? Does your employment messaging match what others say? Try it right now, Google your company – what comes up?

From my experience as a recruiter, many a time organisations often fail to attract the required quality talent for a position because their employment brand sucks! How do I mean? Potential applicants have formed a notion about them as a ‘bad employer’ in the way and manner current employees are treated. Such ‘bad treatments’ are often shared on social networks for all that care to see. You need to get on, an online discussion forum, to have a feel of my point here. Potential applicants hold a perception of you as an employer and that is your employer brand! The question is – are these perceptions positive or negative?

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Till next time, we are all work in progress