Social marketing is a must for all of us – and such has been the case for several years now. That being said, we are all involved in marketing through sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. But successfully gaining conversion can be challenging through social media interactions. Fortunately, the reason for your lack of sales may simply stem from an omission or oversight. You may be missing a simple, but crucial best practice relating to social marketing.

Here’s a look at seven things that you should be doing when reaching out to customers through social media.

Don’t forget to check in

Even if you are spacing your updates over days or weeks as part of your overall strategy, you still need to check in on your social marketing outlets from time to time. Left unattended, social posts can become harbors for bad comments, or worse, ignored. You’ll want to stay up-to-date by logging into all outlets at least once a day. This will help you to gauge the effectives of your content as well as respond to any concerns in near real-time.

Timing is everything

The timing of your social marketing posts is crucial to their effectiveness.  The growing consensus is that there is a perfect time to post media relating to every given niche. For those in the automotive arena, for example, it’s a weekend game. Clothing? Thursday is said to be your best bet.

Whatever your niche, getting the timing right, especially when it comes to sending out updates, means not only taking industry stats into consideration, but your own unique business demands as well. The more data you can examine around your topic, the better.

Keep the conversation going

Stimulating and engaging posts will go a long way toward drumming up all-important interest in your business. Sharing blogs post, asking thoughtful questions, as well as outright seeking feedback in a public setting are all good ideas for urging interaction through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Pictures, as they say, are worth thousands in words. Use pictures and they can lead to strings of conversations. Whatever you are doing, adding interactive or conversation-causing content is a must-have for any successful social marketing plan.

Speak to your audience

Going hand-in-hand with the need to start a conversation is the need to address any customer concerns, regardless of scale, through social media. Customers may use your Facebook wall to ask a serious question about a product or service. You’ll want to be genuine, caring, and appreciative to each and every one of them. You definitely want to make sure that all such issues are addressed, after all, your followers are watching.

Search for your brand

Chances are, people are already talking about your brand. Be sure to search for relevant terms and hash tags that might be associated with your company. This will help you understand what is being said – and how your business is being received – through channels that you might not otherwise be aware of.  You can learn from the conversation and even join in if you feel it will help you connect with a new faction of potential customers.

Follow others to gain customers

One great way to put your business on the peripheral of untapped clients is to follow popular industry figures. This is especially true in the early stages of introducing your brand through social marketing. If you become a follower, or like, a key player in your industry, your interactions with them will be seen by their larger fan base if properly orchestrated. You can imagine the ensuing benefit of this phenomenon. This is the “networking” part of social media and it’s something you don’t want to overlook.

Analyze, analyze, analyze

Simply put, there’s much to be learned from social media analysis. Data gained through social marketing interactions is prized information that can help you adapt your future strategy. From social media interactions you can learn what people respond to, where they drop off, and what their buying patterns are. Armed with information, you can put forth better, more result-oriented content in the future.

Final Thoughts

Social marketing is where it’s at now, more than ever. You undoubtedly know that you should be doing it, and you probably are. But if you’re missing on any of the above, you’re potentially missing out on sales opportunities as a matter of course.  By adhering to the above seven principles, you’ll be covered when it comes to social media. Sales are what you can expect when you have all your social marketing efforts firing on all cylinders all the time, just like we’ve covered.Source: Smedio