Millions of people are using Twitter to connect with family and friends. Others use it as a news outlet; Twitter is usually the first place that relevant news “hits” and many are using Twitter very successfully to build their brand and their business.

Many people don’t get Twitter. I have to admit, I was one of those people just six months ago. You may have an account but simply don’t understand how to use it your advantage. So many that are newbies to social media are doing nothing but spamming a link to their website or pitching their business constantly. Have you ever been approached by someone who wants to share a fabulous way to solve all your financial problems?  All you have to do is become involved in their “business opportunity” and you will be a millionaire by week’s end? Really? Do you avoid people like this? Mind you, I am not knocking business opportunities but the approach some take to sharing their business with others.

Moral to the story…don’t be that person!

When using Twitter for building your business, you want to make sure you are not the person everyone tunes out because all you do is spam your business.

Twitter challenges personal brands to reach out to their audience differently than they would in traditional marketing and/or on other social media platforms. Twitter forces brands to stop using their megaphone and start listening to their customer. Customers are no longer looking to be sold; they want to trust the brand that they are doing business with.  Twitter can be used to gain immediate response to customer requests, drive sales and add the personal touch to your brand’s relationship with the customer. Without all the fancy trappings of traditional marketing packages, how can personal brands spark an emotional connection and build relationships with just 140 characters?

1. The Honesty – people may love or hate what you have to say but it still creates a strong emotional response.  For example: “I hate people who just fish for compliments ugh.”

2. The Feeling – remember, the point of Twitter is to engage your audience. An example of a “feeling tweet” might be something like this…”Feeling tweet-ledee or tweet-ledumb?”

3. The Have You Ever – people love to talk about themselves! Give them an opportunity to do so and watch what happens!  Have you ever is an opened ended scenario that can be approached from almost any subject! Lead with a question and see where it takes you. 4. The What’s Best – again, another tweet that is asking for a response. Great way to see what your audience is tuned into as far as different products, services, etc.

 5. The That’s Just Funny – as with the honesty tweet, this one is subjective but will always illicit an emotional response. What you feel is funny may not appeal to all but it will certainly connect you with others that do think your tweet is funny.

 6. The Quotable – one of my personal favorites! This one speaks for itself.

 7. The Resource Sharing – find a great article or a resource that you know your target audience could benefit from?  Share it! People will love you for it!

 8. The Venting – everyone needs to let off steam once in a while and; chances are, if you are going through some frustration, someone out there has been there. Again, this type of tweet will encourage people to sympathize with what is going on with you.

 9. The Opportunity – share your opportunity sporadically so that your audience will know what you do. The key to this type of tweet is to merge it with other types of tweets throughout the day so that you are not constantly plugging your business.

 10. The Tip of The Day – great way to provide relevant content to your target audience by providing them a valuable piece of info that they can use either personally or professionally. This also builds value for you as an expert within your niche.

Social Media is just that, S O C I A L. It is a great tool to brand you and your business. Consider this, when successful people attend a party they don’t spend the entire event talking about business. No one wants to talk to someone who is constantly shoving business at them. Share the fun things in your life, the people you enjoy spending time with and let your audience get to know YOU!

The purpose of Twitter, and all social media, is not to make money, but to brand YOU and your business AND build relationships with potential and existing customers. The money will follow if you put your customers FIRST. With all social media just remember to mix your “business” talk with your “life” talk.

Start implementing these tips on Twitter and you will be on your way to becoming a Twitter rockstar!by Kim Garst